HMO Services

With great returns and strong demand, Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) are becoming increasingly popular with Landlords looking to achieve their properties true maximum potential.

Managing HMO’s requires more attention than a traditional property let, with a higher turnover of Tenants, tougher rules and regulations to follow, plus maintenance needs can be off putting to some Landlords.

What can our team do for you

We understand the level of involvement required to fully manage a successful HMO, how to manage Tenants expectations, whilst looking after you, as our Client and your property. We can therefore:

  • liaise with the Local Authorities to ensure the correct HMO license is obtained;
  • provide recommendations on works, to ensure your property is compliant and to reduce void periods;
  • undertake regular inspections of communal areas and the organisation of Maintenance and Cleaning teams;
  • instruct Inventories, Energy Performance Certificates, Gas Safe Certificates, and
  • act as one primary point of contact for Resident enquiries and grievances.

We also work with our Landlords to help refinance and reduce outgoings, as well as oversee any development/refurbishment works. We work alongside  some of London’s leading professionals, including Financial Advisors, Surveyors, Architects and Contractors, as well as having a team of in-house Construction Project Managers and Safety Consultants.

We have the expertise, knowledge and experience needed to provide professional HMO management services. If you are considering renting out rooms in your own house, we’re the company to help you get started. With competitive fees, we offer streamlined services to first time Landlords who want a stress-free way of, starting, developing and managing a HMO. We’ll even help you find suitable Tenants and collect rents for you.

HMO Management

Beckhams Property Services provides professional services and advice on all aspects of HMO Management. We make sure that all our tenants in HMO’s reside in safe homes, whilst conforming to legislative requirements. Our duties as your professional HMO Management Agent include, but are not limited to:

  • providing complete contact information to each HMO household, legible and clearly displayed at a prominent communal area in the property;
  • taking stringent safety measures, including instructing Residents to keep fire exits free of obstructions, as well as keeping the properties in good order and repair;
  • ensuring fire fighting equipment such as fire retardants, extinguishers and emergency lighting and alarms are regularly checked and kept in good working order;
  • ensuring the design and structure of HMO’s create a safe living environment for all occupiers, with any unsafe structures made safe by repairing or renovating as needed;
  • displaying notices indicating the routes of escape from a fire are displayed so they are clearly visible to all occupiers;
  • managing repairs, as well as ensuring they are attended to and completed as promptly as possible, to prevent further damage or avoid safety hazards;
  • maintaining water supplies as water storage tanks and pipes must always be in clean condition, with strict safety measures observed and implemented to prevent contamination;
  • maintaining gas, electricity and drainage and make sure there are no service interruptions. Our qualified Engineers conduct regular tests and inspections of all fixed electrical installations,  gas and electrical safety records, as well as test results are also provided by us to the Council within 7 days upon completion;
  • ensuring that cleanliness is maintained, plus parts such as windows, other means of ventilation or light fittings are always kept in good repair, with all furniture and furnishings clean and in order;
  • maintaining gardens, yards, walls and other parts of the HMO, ensuring they are safe, well-maintained and kept clean and presentable, and
  • maintaining responsible waste management, including the provision of enough bins for rubbish and adequate means of disposal.

Find out more

If interested in our HMO services, just call, email or visit our office, where we’ll be happy to discuss in further detail with you.