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Community Spirit is what drives businesses such as Beckhams property services

2018 has been a busy year for all, with many looking forward to the fresh start that 2019 has to offer. This could include starting a new business, forming new relationships, starting a new job, moving or even buying a new home. At Beckhams Property Services, we hope that whatever you choose to do, that you have an amazing 2019 and end 2018 on a high.

Our team love the community we live and work in, recently engaging in a number of public events, including the Catford Food Market where we were lucky to get our hands on some art by local artist Jane Tillin. She takes everyday images from South London, transforming these through the print making process using an array of richly pigmented inks, which is a wonderful thing. Producing lino prints and cards, she uses a reduction printing process which means that every print is unique and a limited edition. A teacher by profession, she also enjoy running workshops and enabling others to enjoy the printing process.

We will be volunteering on Xmas day to help ensure children whose parents aren’t around, to have an amazing day. Events have not only enabled us to build a relationship with our local community, it has helped to increase our creativity. We have subsequently seen our business grow organically, plus we’re having a go at innovating, which we enjoy. We view our agency as remarkable and we drive everything we do with excellence in mind.

On our way to become market leaders, a journey we know we’re still on, we’ve understood that we need to care about the culture we foster and thus we have chosen to set standards, that it is important to make it clear to our staff and clients that we believe the best in them, we want the best for them and we expect the best from them. We look forward to meeting all of our new Clients in the New Year and wish you the best as always.

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