Block & Estates Management

Block & Estates Management is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and effort. We understand our Clients are busy with their personal and work lives, yet when you employ us to manage your development, you can rest assured, we will look after it, as if it is our own.

At Beckhams Property Services, we offer full Block, Development or Estates Management services to Leaseholders and Freeholders. We can take over the management and maintenance of a building, handling all ongoing work and ensuring that any repairs are carried out promptly, affordably and successfully.

If you are a property Owner, with no Residential Management Company (RMC), you may be unaware of your rights to establish a Right to Manage (RTM) company. This allows you to take over the management of your building from the existing Managing Agent and Freeholder.

Many building Owners/Freeholders report horror stories with their old Agents, from spiralling costs, through to phantom work and poor customer service; however, Beckhams Property Services is the antidote to such experiences, by ensuring that we bring an organised approach to planning and handle administration in a efficient way. We charge all-inclusive and transparent fees, and we aim to save our Clients money on utility charges, Health & Safety compliance costs and maintenance Contractor fees.

Please review our flyer below for more information:

What can our team do for you

Beckhams Property Services can provide you with any property management service you require. We adhere to the RICS Residential Code of Practice, plus the Landlord & Leasehold Reform Act (2002), Fire Reform Act (2005) and fire safety in purpose built flats guidelines.

We also provide:

  • full safety checks (gas, fire, safety);
  • regular servicing of lifts and competitive agreements;
  • regular monitoring of parking areas, and
  • frequent checks of communal areas and their maintenance.

Communication is key in everything we do, plus we keep you up to date with all legislative and day to day changes regarding your property.  We are proactive Managers, our services cover properties staring at two units, to sites excess of 3000 units.  All services are tailored to individual Developers, Leaseholders and Freeholders; we can also be involved during the construction phase to provide advice, maximise the development value and ensure it meets essential safety requirements.

Find out more

If interested in our Block & Estates Management services, including RTM, just call, email or visit our office, where we’ll be happy to discuss in further detail with you.